General gamma representation for product particle split in gravity concentrators

B. Venkoba Rao*

Tata Research Development and Design Centre (TRDDC) 54 B, Hadapsar Industrial Estate, Pune 411 013, India

Accepted 25 October 2004


This paper attempts the well-known regularized gamma distribution function to represent the separation efficiency of particle segregation in gravity concentrators. The model has four parameters that are evaluated by a least square fit between the model estimate and the measured data. The model takes into account the bivariate effects of particle size and particle density to define the size-density separation efficiency, typically recognized as the partition surface. The model derivation is rooted in the observed pivot phenomenon associated with size-based partition curves of the separators. Although, the mathematical representation is empirical in nature, it is generic and is applicable to various gravity units notwithstanding differences in equipment design and particle flow profiles in the gravity units. The suitability of the representation is examined using several sets of measured data from literature. Convenient functional forms for computing the size dependent separation indices namely cut density and Ecart probable using the model parameters have been proposed.

Keywords: Particle size-density separation; Partition surface; Gravity concentrators; Regularized gamma function

* Corresponding author
   E-mail : b.vrao@tcs.com