Some basic factors affecting screen performance in horizontal vibrating screens

K. Tsakalakis

Department of Mining, Metallurgical Engineering, Laboratory of Mineral Processing, National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece

Received 28 February 2001; accepted 12 June 2001


The objective of this work is the study of some basic factors affecting the performance of the horizontal vibrating screens, with the emphasis based on the determination of the most effective operating conditions for which the maximum screening efficiency can be achieved. The parameters examined were the intensity of vibration, the percentages of the characteristic size fractions in the feed, the screen length and the screen aperture in conjunction with the other parameters. It is found that the screening efficiency is an exponential function of the screen length and can also be correlated to the intensity of vibration. It is also established that the amount of the critical size-fractions (critical undersize and oversize) affect significantly the screen performance. The impact of each critical size-fraction is different for the various screen apertures but it may also depend on the non-identical shape characteristics (observed during the preparation process of the feed material but not examined here) of the corresponding particles contained in the feed for the various apertures used.

Keywords: Screening; Sizing; Particle size; Modelling

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