Technical Note

Chemical upgrading and aluminothermic reduction of Egyptian sand

M. Radwan*, M.M. Rashad, S.Z. El-Tawil

Central Metallurgical Research and Development Institute, P.O.Box: 87 Helwan, Cairo, Egypt

Accepted 22 January 2005


Aluminum-silicon (Al-Si) alloys produced by aluminothermic reduction of Egyptian sand were leached with hydrochloric acid to produce metallurgical-grade silicon powder and aluminium chloride solution. Metallurgical-grade silicon containing ~99.3% Si was obtained at the following conditions: particle size 100% -0.1mm, temperature of the reaction was 50oC, time of reaction 20.0 minutes, solid/liquid ratio 1:9g/ml and acid concentration 6.24M. The iron content in aluminium-silicon alloy is almost dissolved into the solution (besides aluminium) and non-significant iron content (~0.2%) is detected in the upgraded silicon metal.

Keywords: Leaching, Alloys, Sand

* Corresponding author
   E-mail : radwan72001@yahoo.com