Flotation and cyanidation of a semi-refractory gold ore

S. Prabhakar*, G. Bhaskar Raju, S. Subba Rao, T.V. Vijaya Kumar

National Metallurgical Laboratory - Madras Centre, CSIR Madras Complex, Taramani Chennai - 600 113, India

Received 22 August 2002; accepted 15 April 2004


Beneficiation of a low-grade gold ore was studied by column flotation. The quality of the concentrates obtained by flotation column was found to be much superior compared to that of conventional flotation cells. Effect of this enrichment on cyanidation was investigated in the laboratory. Effect of different variables viz., pre-aeration, airflow rate, cyanide dosage, pH of the pulp, concentrate grade etc. were studied. The study indicated the reduction in cyanide consumption with high-grade gold concentrates used in the cyanidation. The results were further confirmed by conducting large-scale cyanidation tests.

Keywords: Spirulina platensis; Adsorption; Copper removal; Hydration

* Corresponding author
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