Technical Note

Biosorption and flotation biomass, loaded by precious or toxic metals

V. P. Nebera1, P. M. Siolozhenkin2

1 Moscow State Geological Prospecting University, Russia
2 Institute Comprehensive Exploitaition Earth Resourses, Moscow, Russia

Received 10 April 2002; accepted 11 July 2002


Different microorganisms have been studied, capable to accumulate metals by their cells because of their resistivity to heavy metals. The separation of loaded biomass from the liquid by the filtration, frequentative flocculation, centrifuging has low effectivity. The most perspective is so named biosorbtive flotation. As sorbents can emerge biomasses of different microorganisms: bacteria, micromycetes, fungi, yeasts (baker's, beer and forage), active silts and microalga. Scientific and practical urgency of problem consists in revealing an intercoupling between the sorption of non-ferrous and precios metals by the biomass and its floatability, determination optimal parameters of flotation biomass loaded by metals. This will allow to find basic role of polyvalent metals in hydrophobizing the surface of cells of microorganisms, and reveal new aspects of metals action at flotation separation biomasses of microorganisms, optimize technologies of extraction of metals from the dilute solutions and give concrete recommendations on bioflotation technologies of extraction of noble and non-ferrous metals.

Keywords: Biosorption; Bacteria; Micromycetes; Fungi; Yeasts; Alga; Metal ions; Biomass flotation

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