Sorption of As(V) using different biomaterials

D. Mishra, S.S. Mohanty, G. Roy Chaudhury*, R.P. Das

Regional Research Laboratory (CSIR), Bhubaneswar, 751 013, Orissa, India

Received 9 September 2002; accepted 10 November 2003


A number of locally available biomaterials like oyster shell, charcoal, saw dust, coir, rice husk, rice straw, rice bran and mushroom waste were used to sorb As(V) from the solution. The kinetics of biomaterials were fast and within 2 hours equilibrium could be achieved. The As(V) sorption was dependent on pH of the solution. Optimum pH for sorption process was established for all the biomaterials. Among the sorbents tested oyster shell was better biomaterial in terms of As(V) removal efficiency. At 4% pulp density the oyster shell could remove about 80% As(V) from an initial concentration of 10mg/l. The sorption percentage decreased with increase of temperature. The effect of other sorption parameters, like concentration variation of sorbent and sorbate were also studied.

Keywords: Arsenic; Biosorption; Activation energy; Biomaterials

* Corresponding author
   E-mail : groychaudhury@rrlbhu.res.in