Technical Note

Why is the Bond Ball Mill Grindability Test done the way it is done?

Y.T. Man

PO Box 226, Mount Isa, Queensland, 4825 Australia

Received 24 October 2001; accepted 30 January 2002


The Bond Ball Mill Grindability Test is a locked-cycle laboratory grinding test. It provides the Bond Ball Mill Work Index which expresses the resistance of a material to ball milling. This Index is widely used in the mineral industry for comparing the resistance of different materials to ball milling, for estimating the energy required for grinding, and for ball mill scale-up. The test has existed for more than 40 years. However, there is little information which explains why the test is done the way it is done. This paper uses knowledge from past research to attempt to answer this question. It is suspected that the test is done this way because of three reasons. First, to make the test relatively easy and quick to carry out. Second, so that the test requires only a small amount of sample (about 10kg). Finally, the test can give results that are suitable for ball mill scale-up and for comparing different materialsí resistance to ball milling.

Keywords: Bond test; ball milling; grinding

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