Technical Note

Interaction of butyl xanthate with oxidized surface of sphalerite

Z.P. Kuzina, N.G. Maksimov and V.G. Samoylov*

Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, of the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, 42, K.Marx Street, 660049, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Accepted 25 September 2004


The rate constants for the reaction of potassium butyl xanthate (PBX) and copper sulphate with the surface of natural sphalerite have been determined by the method of spectrophotometry. It is shown that the decrease of the reaction rate has been caused by blocking the mineral surface by the reaction products which resulted in decreasing the amount of the formed dixanthogen and flotation activity of sphalerite. The rate of oxidizing decomposition of xanthate-anion on the oxidized sphalerite surface does not depend on the presence of elementary sulphur on it and increases in presence of active surface copper cations. Elementary sulfur forms on the oxidized surface of sphalerite represented as separate phases and is not an inert substance in respect to flotation reagents due to the formation of steady matter of the type of copper sulphides CuSn (n 1), which was not active in respect to xanthates.

Keywords: Flotation; Sphalerite; Butyl xanthate; UV-spectroscopy

* Corresponding author
   E-mail : obog@icct.ru