Review paper

Molybdenum Recovery from Mineral Raw Materials by Hydrometallurgical Methods

A.G. Kholmogorov1, O.N. Kononova2*, G.L. Pashkov1,
S.V. Kachin2, O.N. Panchenko1, O.P. Kalyakina2

1 Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Siberian Department of the Academy of Science, Karl Marx Pr., 42, Krasnoyarsk 660049, Russia
2 Department of Chemistry, Krasnoyarsk State University, Svobodny Pr., 79, Krasnoyarsk 660041, Russia

Received 28 April 2002; accepted 29 May 2002


The present review is focused on technological processes used in the industrial practice of molybdenum production from raw materials, i.e. on pyro-metallurgical (oxidative roasting) and hydrometallurgical methods. It was shown that the hydrometallurgical methods have the advantages over the pyro-metallurgical ones: ecological safety and opportunities for production of pure molybdenum salts owing to sorption on acrylic and styrene macroporous anion exchangers with long-chained cross-linking agents.

Keywords: molybdenum; hydro-metallurgical processes; sorption technology; macroporous anion exchangers; long-chained cross-linking agents

* Corresponding author
   E-mail : cm2@ktk.ru