Technical Note

Effect of Conditioning on the Beneficiation of Dilute Coking Coal Fines by Froth Flotation

V.K. Kalyani1,*, T. Gouricharan2 and Pallavika1

1 IT Centre, Central Mining Research Institute, Barwa Road, Dhanbad 826001 India
2 Coal Preparation Division, Central Fuel Research Institute, P.O.: FRI, Dhanbad 828108 India

Accepted 12 September 2004


The coal preparation plants produce large quantities of coal slurry having very dilute pulp density (3 to 5 percent) during desliming of coals. Froth flotation is a universally accepted process for the beneficiation of coal fines, but the process being sensitive needs careful monitoring of the process variables. One of the prerequisites for flotation of slurry is to have an effective conditioning for proper adsorption of reagents with the coal particles. In this paper attempts have been made to upgrade low pulp density coal fines by designing a suitable conditioner and carrying out laboratory flotation test by varying some important process variables like pulp density, reagent (collector and frother) dosage. The effects of these variables on the results of flotation have been studied. Correlations have also been developed between yield/ash percent of concentrate and the variables through regression analysis. A statistical analysis is presented to study the effects and interactions of the variables.

Keywords: Beneficiation; Froth flotation; Coal; Statistical analysis

* Corresponding author
   E-mail : vkkalyani@yahoo.com