Technical Note

Investigation of breakage behaviour of two different pumice stones

V. Deniz*

Mineral Processing Division, Department of Mining Engineering,
Suleyman Demirel University, Isparta TR32260, Turkey

Received 22 August 2002; accepted 15 March 2004


In this study, the grindability properties of two different pumice stones, originated from the Karakaya and the Gelincik areas (Isparta, Turkey), are investigated at batch grinding conditions based on a kinetic model. For this purpose, experiments were carried out with eight different mono-size between 1.7mm and 0.106mm formed by a 2 sieve series fraction. Then, parameters of Si and Bi,j equations were determined from the size distributions at different grinding times, and the model parameters were compared for two different pumice stones. It was found out that, the Karakaya pumice is easier to grind than the Gelincik pumice, taking into account the quite different values of the model parameters.

Keywords: Grinding; Pumice; Mineralogical analysis

* Corresponding author
   E-mail : vedat@sdu.edu.tr