Invited review paper

Modern problems of mineral processing in Russia

V.A. Chanturiya

Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources (IPCON),
Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Kryukovskiy tupic, 4, 111020 Moscow, Russia

Received 9 April 2001; accepted 6 June 2001


The contemporary state of the raw material base in the country is analyzed and a negative tendency is noted as a reduction in the extraction of mineral resources and worsening the quality of extracted ores. It is shown that in the near future the deposits developed will be mainly finely disseminated and rebellious ores and this requires new solutions in the technology of their beneficiation. Examples are provided of advanced solutions in technological mineralogy, directed changing in mineral and ore properties with different kinds of energy actions, and the use of pyro- and hydrometallurgical technologies that open definite possibilities for the rational and complex use of rebellious mineral raw material.

Keywords: Mineral processing; mineral resources

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