Technical Note

Development of a Flowsheet for Recovering Copper and Tin from Copper Refining Slags

F. Arslan1*, K. Giray2, G. Onal1, V. Gurkan1

1 Istanbul Technical University, Mining Faculty, Mining Engineering Department
Mineral and Coal Processing Division, 80626 Maslak, Istanbul, Turkey
2 Sarkuysan A.S., Kocaeli, Turkey

Received 15 April 2002; accepted 5 June 2002


Slags produced during the refining of blister copper contain considerable amounts of copper and tin. The purpose of this experimental study was to investigate the possibilities of recovering Cu and Sn present in the slags before their disposal. After determining chemical and structural properties of the slags, size reduction, classification, flotation and leaching tests were carried to establish the optimum conditions for Cu and Sn recoveries. As a result of this experimental study, an overall flowsheet for the recovery of Cu and Sn from the copper refining slags has been developed.

Keywords: copper refining slags; size reduction; flotation; leaching; copper and tin recovery

* Corresponding author
   E-mail : arslanf@itu.edu.tr