Technical Note

Comparison of filter performance on glass industry process water

I.V. Arslan* and O. Bayat

Cukurova University, Mining Engineering Department, Balcali/Adana, Turkey

Accepted  14 April 2005


The treatment of process water from glass manufacturing plant, Trakya Cam Sanayi, Mersin/Turkey has been studied to remove bacteria (desulfovibrio desulforicans) in suspension causing corrosion problems in the water distribution systems. The process proposed consists of mainly coagulation/flocculation and then ultrafiltration. The results were compared with Culligan filters, used as a test propose, installed at the water treatment plant of Trakya Cam Sanayi. While the combined use of flocculation and ultrafiltration (Supercap 100 membrane filter) was efficient for bacteria removal of 89.85%, Culligan filtration system was removed only 35.51%. It may be concluded that membrane filtration system had better filtration capacity than Culligan filtration system considering the test performances.

Keywords: Ultrafiltration, Flocculation, Desulfovibrio desulforicans bacterias, Membrane filtration, Culligan filtration

* Corresponding author
   E-mail : varslan@cu.edu.tr