Optimization the pelletization conditions of barite concentrate with coal mixture for barium sulfide production

Y. M. Z. Ahmed, A. El-Toni, I. A. Ibrahim, I. M. E. H. Shalabi

Central Metallurgical Research and Development Institute, P.O. Box: 87, Helwan, Cairo, Egypt

Received 27 April 2002; accepted 5 June 2002


Two factors play very important roles in the efficiency of barium sulfide production from pellets containing barite concentrate and coal. Firstly the pellets should have reasonable mechanical properties to withstand the subsequent process of production. Secondly the reduction efficiency of such pellets should be as high as possible for obtaining maximum barium sulfide recovery. This investigation aims to optimize the mechanical properties of pellets formed from a mixture of barite ore concentrate with coal via optimization the pelletization conditions (such as grain size of raw materials, water amount added during pelletization, residence time of material in the disc). The effect of different factors affecting the reduction efficiency of the suitable pellets was studied. Also the kinetics of their reduction was investigated. 2002 SDU. All rights reserved.

Keywords: Barite concentrate; Barium sulfide; Pelletization; Reduction and kinetics

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