Technical Note

Dissolution of galena with acidified hypochlorous acid in excess chloride solution

A.O. Adebayo* and K.O. Ipinmoroti

Department of Chemistry, Federal University of Technology, P.M.B.704 Akure, Nigeria

Accepted 5 November 2004


A study of the dissolution of lead from powdered galena ore using acidified hypochlorous acid in excess chloride has been investigated. The effect of acid concentrations ranging from 10-33.8%, in temperatures between 30-50oC, speed of agitation in the range of 300-600rpm and particle size of between 100300m on galena dissolution are reported. The dissolution is significantly influenced by the concentration of hypochlorous acid but temperature of the reactions and size of particles has an inverse relation. The increase in speed of agitation is independent on the dissolution of the galena sample. The apparent activation energy is found to be 45.0kJ/mol suggesting the reaction is chemical control at the surface of the particles.

Keywords: Galena; Hypochlorous acid; Dissolution

* Corresponding author
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