Bioleaching of low grade manganese ore with Penicillium citrinum

C. Acharya*, R.N. Kar and L.B. Sukla

Dept. of Biomineral & Biotechnology, Regional Research Laboratory, (Council of Scientific & Industrial Research), Bhubaneswar-751 013, India

Received 1 April 2002; accepted 4 October 2002


A native microorganism, Penicillium citrinum was isolated from the top soil of a manganese mine. Based on its efficiency for manganese solubilisation, it was utilized for the leaching of a low-grade manganese ore.The effects of various parameters such as pulp density, particle size, sucrose concentration, inoculum size and bioleaching duration on manganese ore were studied. The optimised conditions for maximum solubilization of the manganese ore (64.58% Mn) were : a particle size of 45 microns; a pulp density of 2% (w/v); a sucrose concentration of 10% (w/v); an inoculum dosage of 10% (v/v); and a 30 day duration.

Keywords: Manganese ore; Penicillium citrinum; Leaching

* Corresponding author
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