Fundamentals for optimization of cyanide processes in flotation

A.A. Abramov*

Moscow State Mining University, Leninsky pr. 6, 117049 Moscow, Russia

Received 21 March 2002; accepted 15 April 2004


Theoretical substantiation of activation, deactivation and depression processes in flotation of copper-pyrite, copper-zinc and polymetallic ores with the use of cyanide as well as their regularities are considered. Physico-chemical models derived for various cyanide processes in flotation and automatic control systems of principal elaborated for regulation of selective flotation of ores and bulk concentrates with cyanide are recommended to the use at the mineral processing plants for optimization of cyanide processes, improvement of technological indices, cutting down the cyanide consumption and conditioning of recycle waters to prevent environmental pollution.

Keywords: Cyanide; Mineral processing; Flotation; Automation systems

* Corresponding author
   E-mail : info@infomine.ru