Physical treatment of zinc skimmed from galvanized process using fluidized bed up-stream column

M.K. Abd El-Rahman1,*, M.A. Abdel Khalek1, J. Werther2

1 Central Metallurgical Research and Development Institute, P.O. Box: 87 Helwan, Cairo, Egypt
2 Technical University of Hamburg, Dep. of Chemical Eng., Deniake Street. 15, 21073 Hamburg, Germany

Accepted 25 January 2005


The Egyptian General Metallic Company produces a huge amount of zinc skimmed during galvanization process. It causes problems in handling and storage. This work aims to study physical treatment of zinc skimmed from galvanized process of Egyptian general metallic company to attain fractions reach with zinc suitable for alloying process and preparation of chemical compounds. The suggested experimental program involves hand sorting to remove iron pieces, sieving of representative sample of zinc skimmed and dividing it to four groups according to size from 10mm to 75m in order to treat each group separately. The grinding process was carried out for the coarse fractions. The physical separation such as fluidized bed up-stream column, air classifier and flotation was carried out on the fine fraction less than 75m. Results showed that the zinc assay and distribution increase in the coarse fraction of the skimmed zinc. The grinding process of coarse fractions larger than 1.161mm leads to increase zinc assay from 70% to 83% and about 27% by weight of the sample was obtained with zinc assay 83% by weight. The grinding of size fraction (-1.161+0.075mm) showed that zinc assay increases from 48% to 76%. The treatment of fines (less than 0.075mm) using fluidized bed, air classifier and flotation improves the zinc assay and recovery. The zinc assay increases from 44% to 56%.

Keywords: Zinc skimmed, Size reduction, Physical treatment

* Corresponding author
   E-mail : mkamal70@hotmail.com