VOL. 3 NO. 2, 2003

Solvent extraction of cobalt and zinc from sulphate solutions using phosphoric, phosphonic and phosphinic acids
by K.C. Nathsarma and P.V.R. Bhaskara Sarma
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Impact crushing approach to the relationship of energy and particle size in comminution
by E.Th. Stamboliadis
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Flotation characteristics of high ash oxidised indian non-coking coal and its effects on cell flotation
by S.K. Biswal and D.K. Acharjee
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Some Basic Mineralogical and Electrophysical Characteristics Affecting Auriferous Pyrite and Arsenpyrite Flotation
by V.A. Chanturiya, A.A. Fedorov and T.N. Matveyeva
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Use of by-Pass Cement on the Production of Sodium Chromate from Pellets Containing Chromite Ore Concentrate and Soda Ash
by Y.M.Z. Ahmed, F.M. Mohamed, N.A. El-Husseiny and M.E.H. Shalabi
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Fine coal dry classification and separation
by F. Maoming, C. Qingru, Z. Yuemin, L. Zhenfu, Z. Xinxi, Y. Guohua
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Amazonian Kaolin Purification by Selective Flocculation
by C.H. Sampaio, F. Larroyd, C.O. Petter, W. Aliaga
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Influence of Fabric on Aqueous SO2 Leaching of Manganese Ore
by P.K. Naik, B.K. Mahapatra, S.C. Das and V.N. Misra
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Magnetic Separation:
An Alternative Method to the Treatment of Wastewater

by N. Karapinar
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Degradation of phenol by photocatalytic oxidation
by A.A. Ismail, I.A. Ibrahim and R.M. Mohamed
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Rare earths: the unseen metals
by R.R. Moskalyk
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Removal of arsenic from contaminated water by foam flotation
by Z. Pan, L. Zhang and P. Somasundaran
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