VOL. 2 NO. 3, 2002

The performance of a continuous system for biosorption and desorption of zinc, cadmium, manganese and copper by the seaweed Sargassum sp.
by Flavia Pereira Duta, Francisca Pess˘a de Franša, Antonio Carlos Augusto da Costa
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Effect of Salinity on the Oxidative Activity of Acidophilic Bacteria during Bioleaching of a Complex Zn/Pb Sulphide Ore
by H. Deveci
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Biosorption and flotation biomass, loaded by precious or toxic metals
by V.P. Nebera, P.M. Siolozhenkin
nebera_and_siolozhenkin.pdf FULL TEXT

Biosorption of heavy metals from leachates generated at mine waste disposal sites
by I.G. Petrisor, K. Komnitsas, I. Lazar, A. Voicu, S. Dobrota, M. Stefanescu
petrisor_et.al.pdf FULL TEXT

Biosorption of Cr(III) by the cell wall of Mucor hiemalis
by C. Ebner, T. PŘmpel, M. Gamper
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Role of Microorganisms in Mining: Generation of Acid Rock Drainage and Its Mitigation and Treatment
by N. Kuyucak
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Bioleaching of low grade manganese ore with Penicillium citrinum
by C. Acharya, R.N. Kar, L.B. Sukla
acharya_et.al.pdf FULL TEXT

Dynamic simulation and experimental validation of single and multi-metallic solutions in the biosorption of heavy metals in membrane reactors: an overview
by F. Pagnanelli, L. Toro, F. Beolchini, F. Vegli˛
pagnanelli_et.al.pdf FULL TEXT

Sorption Kinetics of Hg(II) onto Potamogeton natans Biomass
by C. Lacher and R.W. Smith
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Multi-Metal Biosorption Equilibria of Cr(VI), Cu(II), Cd(II), and Fe(III) Ions
by Y. Sag and B. Akcael
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Continuous packed bed biosorption of copper by immobilized seaweed biomass
by K.F. Tan, K.H. Chu, M.A. Hashim
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Thermophilic bioheap leaching of chalcopyrite concentrates
by T.J. Harvey, N. Holder, T. Stanek
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Effect of pretreatment on pyritic sulphur reduction from coal
by A. Malik, M.G. Dastidar, P.K. Roychoudhury
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