VOL. 2 NO. 2, 2002

Determining the Overall Mass Transfer Coefficient for Adsorption of Cu2+ Ions onto Ca-Alginate in Fixed Bed Column
by M. Nurbas, Y. Kaçar, T. Kutsal
nurbas_et.al.pdf FULL TEXT

Effective Utilization of Blast Furnace Flue Dust of Integrated Steel Plants
by B. Das, S. Prakash, P. S. R. Reddy, S. K. Biswal, B. K. Mohapatra,
V. N. Misra
das_et.al.pdf FULL TEXT

An Aspen Model for the Treatment of Acid Mine Water
by R.E. Damons and F.W. Petersen
damons_and_petersen.pdf FULL TEXT

Molybdenum Recovery from Mineral Raw Materials by Hydrometallurgical Methods
by A.G. Kholmogorov, O.N. Kononova, G.L. Pashkov,
S.V. Kachin, O.N. Panchenko, O.P. Kalyakina
kholmogorov_et.al.pdf FULL TEXT

Development of a Flowsheet for Recovering Copper and Tin from Copper Refining Slags
by F. Arslan, K. Giray, G. Onal, V. Gurkan
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