VOL. 1 NO. 1, 2001

Chemisorption of organic dyes on chrysotile asbestos and the toxicity issue
by F. Habashi
habashi.pdf FULL TEXT

Bioleaching of ocean manganese nodules in the presence of reducing agents
by A. Kumari, K.A. Natarajan
kumari.pdf FULL TEXT

Modern problems of mineral processing in Russia
by V.A. Chanturiya
chanturiya.pdf FULL TEXT

Some basic factors affecting screen performance in horizontal vibrating screens
by K. Tsakalakis
tsakalakis.pdf FULL TEXT

Destruction of cyanide by ozone in two gas-liquid contacting systems
by F.R. Carrillo-Pedroza, M.J. Soria-Aguilar
carrillo.pdf FULL TEXT